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SB Connect Winter 2016

Jedburgh scheme completed

Jedburgh’s Skiprunning Burn is in the spotlight thanks to the completion of a flood protection scheme.

As part of the scheme, which was completed earlier this year, CCTV cameras have been situated at the burn to allow the Council to monitor its levels effectively.

The scheme saw a series of other improvements carried out to the Skiprunning Burn, including a new overflow bypass culvert and new screens to try to reduce the chances of the burn being blocked by debris.

Improvements were also made to the grille at Burn Wynd and a flood relief drain was created at Duck Row.

Additional measures such as flood resilient doors being fitted to the most vulnerable properties and drainage improvements at the Canongate also took place.

While the Skiprunning Burn Flood Protection Scheme will reduce the impact of flooding, it is still important households protect themselves and can do so by joining the local flood warning group or obtaining subsidised flood products from the Council.

Households can also sign up to our SBAlert service ( for the latest messages on severe weather and flooding.