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SB Connect Winter 2016

Local environment key to community art project

With the Selkirk Flood Protection Scheme’s defences now constructed, focus has turned to the finished landscape, with the project launching a community art project.

A call for tenders was made for three public art installations at three sites close to the new flood defences that have been identified.

Artists were invited to submit their proposals in early November, with up to 12 then being awarded £750 to develop their ideas.

These detailed proposals will be presented to the local community during a public exhibition in February 2017 and community feedback will be considered during the final assessment of the proposals.

Three contracts will be awarded in late February and the artworks are expected to be in place by September 2017.

The installations are intended to help soften and enhance the flood defence infrastructure, help the scheme to blend in with the local natural and built environment, and to provide a link to the town’s history, heritage and environment.