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SB Connect Winter 2016

Digital challenge being tackled by SBC

SBC launched its new website earlier this year

There has been a worldwide shift to the use of mobile devices such as smartphones and tablet computers to access a whole range of services.

The pace of this shift will only accelerate, and because of this there is a new level of expectation from customers on how they should be able to interact with the Council.

This connected world presents an opportunity to radically redesign the way SBC delivers services to be more effective, efficient and accessible 24/7. This is taking place as part of the Council’s Digital Transformation programme.

The Council has already revamped the website to make it mobile-friendly, and in due course a new customer portal will be launched, making services more accessible than ever before, and at customers’ fingertips when they want them.

With the speed of change getting faster, the Council is working with a wide range of partners and organisations to ensure that the infrastructure required to allow residents to make the most of new technology is also the best it can be – including mobile signal and high speed broadband access.

Councillor Michael Cook, SBC’s Executive Member for HR and Corporate Improvement, said:

“The Council has already made substantial funding commitments to programmes such as Digital Scotland Superfast Broadband and is engaging with a number of partners to ensure that nobody is left behind in the digital revolution, pushing for the fastest speeds possible and the greatest coverage.

“The difficulty is that the Council has little control over infrastructure rollout, but we are aiming to influence key people and organisations to ensure that the Scottish Borders is at the forefront of their plans, and in turn that everyone across the region has the speed and reliability of access that they need.”

The aim of the programme of new and improved online services is that these will be the first choice for the vast majority of customers, which will also enable staff to focus their efforts on supporting those who need most help accessing services.

The Council is also committed to improving the digital skills of residents, to ensure that as many people as possible have the ability to make the most of the advances in technology, and the new services being created.