SB Connect Winter 2016

Kerbside Recycling

Please remember

  • Put out your recycling by 7am on your collection day
  • Recycling is collected one week, general waste the next
  • Your next collection calendar will be issued by November 2011
  • Wash and squash plastic bottles, cans and cartons
  • Remove all lids and discard
  • You can put out extra recycling in recycling bags or see-through carrier bags
  • If you regularly have extra recycling, larger recycling bins are available – please contact the Recycling Team
  • No glass
  • No general or garden waste.


  • Metal cans – aluminium, steel and aerosol.
  • Plastic
  • Plastic bottles – any type washed and squashed
  • Yogurt pots and margarine tubs
  • Plastic carrier bags (not black)
  • Plastic film and wrappers
  • Plastic food trays (not black, clean and food free)
  • No polystyrene
  • No black food trays, or black plastic bags either in or for holding your recycling.

Paper and cardboard

  • Paper-based liquid food/drinks cartons (including Tetra Pak)
  • All clean paper eg phone books, catalogues, magazines, newspapers, leaflets
  • Envelopes (including window) and unwanted mail
  • Clean cardboard packaging, eg cereal boxes, kitchen roll tubes, boxes.
  • You can flatten large cardboard boxes and put them beside your bins/bags.

Recycling bags

The project to provide wheeled bins for recycling is nearing completion. If you still use recycling bags but would prefer a bin, please contact the Recycling Team. If you use bags, remember:

  • Do not use recycling bags for other purposes
  • Please don’t overfill bags so they can be lifted safely by you and collection staff
  • If you are given an annual supply of recycling bags, please try to make them last all year by following the advice here
  • Please hand spare bags in to Council Contact Centres or Community Recycling Centres for use by others.

Communal general waste bin users

  • Recycle your plastic, cans, cartons, paper and cardboard in Council recycling bags
  • Put out recycling bags as near to your collection day as possible
  • Put your recycling bags at the side of the bin
  • Put flattened cardboard beside the bin – no need to bag it
  • Visit bin regularly with small amounts of waste
  • Keep bin area tidy and keep access to the bin clear
  • No bulky items beside communal bins – take them to your nearest Community Recycling Centre or book a special uplift (see bulky items advice).