SB Connect Winter 2016

Going green in the gala

Work is due to start in September on a key element of Scottish Borders Council’s strategy to deal with waste and recycling in the future.

A waste treatment plant that will treat general waste and manage ‘green’ waste will begin to take shape in Easter Langlee, Galashiels.

The facility will bring significant environmental benefits for the Borders as it will dramatically cut the amount of waste going to landfill. This is important as not only is the region running out of space for landfill, but once there, waste can cause pollution. Throwing out material that could have been diverted from landfill by recycling or reusing means that scarce natural resources have been unnecessarily depleted.

It will mean that the Council’s exposure to Landfill Tax and potential fines will be limited. It will also help the Borders meet the goals of the Scottish Government’s Zero Waste Plan.

Recycling remains an important activity and it will be fully supported by the new plant. It is vital that we all continue to separate recyclable materials from general waste and recycle as much as we can. The Council also aims to continue to expand the range of recyclable materials it collects to make recycling even easier for you.

The Council has signed a 24-year contract with New Earth Solutions (NES) for the construction and operation of the facility for the treatment of general municipal waste and the management of green waste. NES will also take over responsibility for what happens to the recycling collected from the kerbside, which means NES will continue to work with the current recycling reprocessor, J&B Recycling in Hartlepool.

The plant will be built at Easter Langlee, opposite the existing Community Recycling Centre (CRC). It is hoped that it will be operational by the end of 2012. In its first year, it will deal with approximately 45,000 tonnes of general waste from households and commercial properties in the Borders.

Recycling will continue to be collected from the kerbside. It is still important that you only put the materials specified into your recycling bins so that the kerbside recyclate is of the highest quality, with as little contamination as possible. This means it will be of the highest value in the reprocessing chain. A wider range of materials can be taken to recycling points (glass and textiles) or CRCs (see guide on page 4 for full list of materials).

The new Easter Langlee plant will employ mechanical biological treatment technology (see panel below) to maximise the recovery of valuable resources that are usually sent to landfill.

Richard Brooke, NES commercial director, explained: “The technology and processes used in the new facility will be state-of-the-art and deliver high landfill diversion rates and efficient practices.”

Ross Sharp-Dent, the Council’s Waste Manager, said: “At the moment, Scottish Borders Council is leading the way for Scottish local authorities by investing in a long-term waste treatment contract to provide solutions that assists in meeting the evolving national and European waste related legislation.

“It is also anticipated that this contract will deliver significant cost benefits for the Council over the next 24 years, through diversion of waste from landfill in a value-for-money solution. The project team is now looking forward to working in partnership with New Earth Solutions to deliver an operational facility in October 2012.”

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