SB Connect Winter 2016

Clean-up dazzles

Between 14 March and 16 May, 1,391 Borderers volunteered to help clean up the Scottish Borders as part of Keep Scotland Beautiful’s National Spring Clean campaign. Remarkably, 1,018 of the volunteers who helped with the clean-up were children.

Groups from community councils, schools, Guides and Scouts, residents’ associations, Rotary, Beautiful Scotland groups, Council staff, and churches pulled on yellow Keep Scotland Tidy tabards and got to work.

Thousands of juice and alcohol bottles, cans, crisp bags and fast food wrappers were picked up. Overall, 31 public gardens, school grounds, woodlands, tourist hotspots, riversides, beaches, country parks, road verges and town centres in the Scottish Borders were cleared of litter.

Scottish Borders Council supported the campaign by providing litter pickers, bags, supporting litter collection and allowing access to the community recycling centres.

Across Scotland, each person collected on average one and a half black bags of waste – enough to fill 145,855 street litter bins.

Many groups recycled the litter they collected, helping reduce the amount going to landfill and supporting Scotland’s zero waste targets. Zero Waste Scotland provided funding to support the event.


If you’d like to get involved in next year’s Spring Clean and help keep the Scottish Borders tidy, ‘green’ and beautiful, you can find out more at