SB Connect Winter 2016

There's 11 of them for every one of us!

Did you know that there are 23 poultry and 11 sheep for every one person in Scottish Borders?

This is just one of the statistics contained in Scottish Borders in Figures 2010 – a new report about life in the Borders.

It includes information on:

  • population
  • economy and business
  • income and deprivation
  • health
  • household characteristics and housing
  • education, skills and training
  • community safety
  • natural and built environment
  • tourism
  • agriculture and forestry
  • transport and travel

The report will aid decision-making for the Council’s management and other organisations. The information will also be of use to community groups, businesses, voluntary organisations, colleges, schools and social enterprises.

For example, did you know that: Scottish Borders is the fourth most sparsely populated mainland Local Authority area after Highland, Argyll & Bute and Dumfries & Galloway?

The Leaderdale and Melrose ward has the highest proportion of children. Hawick and Hermitage has the highest proportion of pensioners.

If it were not for migration, the population of Scottish Borders would be projected to fall by 3.5 per cent by 2031. With current levels of migration, the population is projected to increase by 16 per cent.

For more information, contact Dr Heidi Goodship, Research and Information Officer, Business Consultancy Unit, at or on 01835 824000 extension 5831.