SB Connect Winter 2016

New officers in town

A total of 130 pupils from 64 primary schools attended the annual conference for Junior Road Safety Officers (JRS0s) in the Volunteer Hall, Galashiels.

The pupils are senior pupils selected by interview, class voting system or chosen by their teachers. They take up the role for a full academic year.

On the day they learned how to:

  • be good road safety officers
  • run school assemblies,
  • competitions and make a road safety board
  • engage with pupils and the wider school community through school events and parents’ evenings
  • encourage sustainable travel to school.

The JRSOs also took part in a road safety quiz, which was won by Wilton Primary School, and a focus group on encouraging people to wear cycle helmets.

In the past, JRSOs have tackled issues such as parking at school gates, encouraging younger children to cross the road properly and highlighting overgrown hedges which limit visibility.

For more information, contact Fiona Lackenby in the Safer Communities Partnership on 01835 826738 or email