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SB Connect Winter 2016

We're on Target

In a bid to drive up recycling rates and reduce the amount of general waste going to landfill, waste and recycling collections in the Borders are now fortnightly.

Moving to Alternate Weekly Collections (AWCs), together with issuing new wheeled recycling bins has already been proven byother Councils as an effective way to achieve these aims.

The move is an essential one for the area as, if strict European targets are not met, the Council will face financially crippling chargesfor sending a large amount of waste to landfill.

There’s also a huge environmental benefit in recycling as much as possible and residents seem very keen to help with this.

Julie Rankine, Waste Strategy Manager at SBC, said: “We are very proud of the fact that the Borders has one of the top recycling rates in Scotland. Thanks to the efforts of our residents and businesses, theannual recycling rate is now 38 per cent. This makes our 2010 target of 40 per cent achievable We are delighted with how the public have engaged with this process.”

The move to AWCs will also reduce our environmental impact by cutting CO2 emissions from bin lorries and be more cost-effective in the use of Council staff and resources.

Householders will be responsible for managing their waste more carefully and making sure that they compost, reduce, reuse and recycle as much as they can.

By supporting these changes, residents can personally take responsibility for the waste they make and change the impact it is having on our environment.

SBC also plans to have a new waste treatment plant up and running by 2013, which will divert even more general waste away from landfill.

However, our continued ‘green’ successes depend on every resident continuing to recycle everything they can, while alsolooking for ways to reduce and reuse potential waste.

Recycling Calendars

All householders should have received a calendar in the post. If you did not receive one, call us on 0300 100 1800 or email reducereuserecycle and include your postcode and house number.


Guidance for householders

  • General (grey-lidded) bins – make sure your bin lid is closed – squash and compress. All waste must be presented within the bin. Do not present extra waste at the side of your bin
  • Recycling (blue-lidded) bins – make sure your bin lid is closed. Squash waste, flatten boxes, fold large boxes flat and place at side of bin.
  • Garden (green-lidded) bins – home compost as much as possible. Make sure your bin lid is closed. No stones or heavy soil in bins. All waste must be presented within the bin. Do not present extra waste at the side of your bin. Take excess to your nearest Community Recycling Centre.
  • Reduce – shop wisely – plan how you can reduce your food and packaging waste.
  • Reuse – donate to charity shops and compost at home.

Need help?

Where there are large numbers of people in households, please ensure you recycle everything you can and squash and flatten waste where you can. If you still cannot get everything in your bin, contact us on 0300 100 1800 or email reduce reuse


Help us to help you

If you have a blue-lidded recycling wheeled bin and also have spare rolls of recycling sacks, please hand them in to your nearest contact centre.

The roll out of recycling bins to households across the Borders will continue into 2011.