SB Connect Winter 2016

Where your car park money goes

Answer: it’s used for a number of small environmental and street improvement projects around the town to make it more attractive and a more enjoyable place to live in and visit.

For example, a new notice board has been installed in Marigold Drive, which displays information from the Langlee Residents’ Association as well as councillor surgery notices.

For the younger generation, a grant has been given to the Waverley Tenant Organisation in Langlee to pay for the installation of a ‘ball wall’ in Upper Langlee, which will be in place shortly.

The war memorial has also benefited from new stone plant containers.

Where possible, local firms are used to carry out the work, and, in this case, Murray and Burrell and Finlaysons were the contractors.

New flowerbeds have been installed around the ‘Welcome to Galashiels’ signs on the A7 at Buckholm and Abbotsford Road, the A72 at the entrance to William Law Gardens and on the B6374 Melrose Road.

A contribution has also been made to the enhancement of hanging baskets in the town.

A scheme has been carried out to upgrade the fencing and street nameplates at the ‘Hentrap’ steps near Glendinning Terrace Primary School.

Money has also been used to extend a footpath scheme in Channel Street outside the old Post Office and to replace dangerous steps in Torwoodlee Road and Pringle Lane.