SB Connect Winter 2016

Off to school with a spring in their step

Karen and Philippa work closely with pupils, school management teams, parents, local councillors, community councils and engineers to develop school travel plans, which address any issues relating to school travel safety and promoting healthier or ‘greener’ travel. 

Resulting actions can include adjusting crossing points and road junctions, moving bus shelters, installing new road signs, changing speed limits or installing bike sheds. Philippa even designed pencil-shaped bollards for areas around schools where extra care is needed.

The team promotes Walk to School Week in May each year, International Walk to School Month every October and Walk Once a Week (WOW) throughout the year encouraging walking, as well as other healthy options such as cycling. They co-ordinate events, provide support materials and monitor results.

Karen and Philippa also came up with their own initiative – Green Feet Forward. 

Leftover pieces of tartan were kindly donated by Lochcarron of Scotland and prisoners from Cornton Vale sewed them into huge tartan feet.

The feet are special ‘trophies’ given to the class in each primary school that uses the ‘greenest’ transport each month.

The team also co-ordinated participation in the national Hands Up travel survey run by councils and Sustrans (a national organisation to promote walking and cycling to school) to monitor the way pupils travel to school.

New for this year was The Big Wheel Theatre, which offered exciting new events for primary schools, including workshops, game shows and films to raise awareness of environmental issues.