SB Connect Winter 2016

Could you care for these kids?

They have been with their current carers for three years and would like to be placed in a permanent family. 

Ann, 5, has dark blonde hair, brown eyes and is very loving and caring. Her carers describe her as “chatty and cheerful”. She is more shy than John and can be quite solitary.

A family with children in their extended family would help Ann to socialise with other children. She likes to play in a Wendy house with her dolls but also enjoys bike riding and jumping on the trampoline.

Ann loves school and is always eager to do her homework. She is bright and will always try her best. 

John, 7, is a handsome young boy with blue eyes and blond hair. He is bright and cheerful and, at times, likes to be in control. Due to early experiences, John can challenge boundaries and question authority. Proactive parenting will be required to encourage John to take less control and allow him to be a seven-year-old.

Although this is already improving, a family where he and Ann are the youngest would be beneficial for John so that he does not have the opportunity to parent younger children.

John has formed a good attachment to his current carers and it is hoped this could be transferred to adoptive parents. His carers describe him as a “fabulous wee boy”. 

John is doing extremely well at school and is keen to learn. He is a sociable child and very likable. He loves to watch TV and also enjoys playing in the garden on his bike, on the trampoline and going for walks. John attends swimming lessons and Beavers, both of which he thoroughly enjoys. He and Ann are very close and have a typical brother/sister relationship. 

The children’s present carer says: “Ann and John would benefit from an older couple who have experience of raising children and who have the time and patience to take care of them.”

If you think you could adopt Ann and John or are thinking about adoption in general, please contact the Family Placement Team for more information and an informal chat on 01896 757230.

*The names of the children have been changed.